Mobile Health Interventions

Mobile Behavioral Health Interventions

Capture data from people as they go about daily life

Native Apps

Encourage participants and patients with both Apple and Android smartphones

Your Content

Control which surveys and tests are presented to whom and when they see it

Context Aware

Capture location, ambient noise, light levels, weather, and more

Advanced Logic

Show content that is most relevant at that time to that person

Monitor Progress

observe real-time info on participant compliance and feedback data with in-app charts

Capture Physiology

Integrate with wearable sensors to capture HR, HRV, EDA, Activity, and other biometrics

Therapy doesn't end with the session.

Easy Setup

Do you have a behavioral intervention you want to make mobile? Don't want to pay for custom app development? We can get you set up quickly at low cost.

Deep Touch

Stay connected to your clients between sessions. Engage them in the intervention content. Keep track of how they are progressing each day, with no more of your time.

Actionable Data

Display data to both your clients and clinicians so both can see what's working. Easily identify daily life factors that are implementing treatment. Refine your intervention based on real-life feedback.

Let Us Build Your Behavioral Health Intervention App


Use text, images, videos, or questions to deliver interventions to your clients. You have access to edit your content at any time and to personalize it for individual patients.

Decision Rules

Tell us when to alert your clients. Decision rules can be based on time, location, previous responses, or phone sensor data. Tune your intervention specifically to the needs of your clients.

Feedback to Clients

Keep clients engaged by showing them charts of their own progress over time. Specify key indicators to report in-app to your clients.

Clinician Reporting

Your team can see who is using the app, in what ways, and how they are responding to assessments. You can download the raw data or see easy-to-read charts.