mEMA License Levels

We offer the most flexible pricing in the industry. We believe that you should only pay for what you need. If your study will run for six months, then why pay for a full-year subscription? If you don’t need geolocation, why pay for it? Our three license levels are designed so you can get exactly what you need and upgrade whenever you are ready.

mEMA is the only commercially available EMA system that grows in complexity as your research does. We have already built advanced features into the system that can be easily turned on whenever you are ready for them.

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Basic mEMA

Professional mEMA

Premium mEMA

Feature is unique to mEMA, not found anywhere else

Everything you expect from a mobile EMA service, plus additional features you won't find anywhere else.
Get deeper contextual information from the in-phone sensors.
Delve into physiological data and millisecond precision response time testing.

Licensing Terms

6-months or 1-year

6-months or 1-year

6-months or 1-year

Designed in careful reference to HIPAA and PHIPA compliance

Unlimited questions, surveys, and prompts

All basic features on Full Features List, including:

Free Android and iOS apps

Four schedule types: momentary, repeating, on-demand, one-time

Branching and skip logic

Response piping

Timestamp for each survey instance

GPS location for each survey instance

Easy CSV data file download

Publish surveys in languages other than English

Use images as questions or responses

Compliance dashboard

Trigger auto-emails to staff for high-risk participants

Timestamp for every question in the survey

Media Capture: photos, video or audio files as survey response

Geolocation: periodic tracking and geofencing (trigger surveys at specified locations)

Phone sensor events: Light and noise level, screen brightness, screen locked/unlocked, app visible, humidity, ambient temperature, barometric pressure, device information

Branding: add your logo and color scheme

Just-in-time Adaptive Intervention: trigger content when momentary responses differ from baseline

Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions: trigger content with physiological data

Run response time tests: collect stimulus display and response times in milliseconds

Physiological data from Garmin devices

Personal data display: in-app charts for participants