Healthcare Delivery

From Health Systems to Hospitals to Therapists

Timely Interventions to Deliver Precision Healthcare

Early intervention in a patient’s care is the leading treatment protocol for successful health outcomes. Outside of self-reported data, clinicians have a massive blind-spot regarding what happens with a patient outside of clinical settings. Without consistent monitoring, changes in the patient’s baseline are not recognized early enough. And the population health data that's used to measure those baselines are often too broad and generic to provide individuals with the specific care that their bodies need.

The ilumivu platform offers clinicians the ability to remotely observe changes in a patient’s personalized baseline. Even more importantly, it allows those clinicians to then act on those variances with customized just-in-time interventions. This improves the quality of both patient care and overall outcomes!

Dozens of leading health systems worldwide, some of which include Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University Medical School, The Huntsman Cancer Institute/University of Utah, and Brown University Hospital, are using ilumivu’s technology to create transparency between patients and physicians throughout treatments for:

  • Clinical Assisted Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Protocol Adherence
  • Readmission Management
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Clinical Assisted Therapy
  • Pain Management

ivu Platform Components

Clinician Dashboard

Questionnaire selections, biometric data parameters, intervention triggers, and reports for both therapist and patient can be easily personalized directly from the dashboard.

Patient App

Passive and prompted data collection is transformed into insights, alerts, and interventions for both patient and therapist.

Patient Wearable

Passive biometric data flows from the wearable to the ilumivu platform where it is aggregated to provide a 360-degree view of the patient.