Mobile Cognitive Testing



Beyond Self-Report

  • A more objective measure of how your participants are doing in that moment
  • Tap into measurements of cognitive load, memory performance, cognitive biases and more

    Real-Time Measurement

    • Free yourself from your lab computer!
    • Cognitive tests delivered directly to your participants' mobile device exactly when you want to test them
    • Capture the context of the test via phone and wearable sensors

      Seamless Data Integration

      • Capture cognitive test data alongside EMA, phone sensor and wearable sensor data
      • All data time-stamped, and integrated for easy download and processing

        Sample Videos

        Trail Making Task

        Stroop Demo Voice

        AAT Voice

        Some Mobile Cognitive Tests Ready to Use in Your Study

        We have a growing library of mobile cognitive test ready for you to plug into your mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment or Experience Sampling study. We can easily add more to your design specifications.

        Here are a few mobile cognitive tests we already have running on the mEMA platform:

        • Stroop test: selective attention, processing speed
        • Go-No-Go: sustained attention and response control
        • n-Back: continuous performance test of working memory
        • 3 Dot Memory: working memory capacity
        • Block Tapping Task: spatial and nonverbal working memory
        • Trail Making Test: visual attention and attention switching
        • Approach Avoidance Task: implicit behavior bias towards specific stimuli
        • Reward Learning Paradigm: learning, mood and addictions