The mEMA System: Developed by Researchers for Researchers

Dozens of NIH and NSF Funded Studies Supported

In 2009, we created an online, parent-centered platform for families of children with autism to track daily changes in symptoms, behaviors, and treatments. The platform allowed parents to share information with team members (teachers, nutritionists, therapists, etc.) and create dynamic charts and reports so they could see what treatments and therapies were correlated with which symptoms and behaviors. In 2011 the native apps on Apple and Android were built to seamlessly integrate with the online platforms. Through this process mEMA – the mobile EMA apps – were born.

mEMA has all the features that, as Researchers, we would want.

  • We're the only commercially available EMA platform that offers access to phone sensors, media capture, geotracking, audio tracking, and integration with wearable devices.
  • Data is provided in a CSV data file for each survey and each sensor type you choose. Media (videos, photos, audio files) are stored separately and are downloaded in bulk as a .ZIP file per participant. The data files are dynamic and are updates each time a participant submits new data.
  • There are multiple ways to setup notification schedules, including stratified randomization.
  • Researchers have the option of either Auto upload or manual (often used when there are concerns about data plan usage)
  • We offer subscriptions for six months or 1 year (or longer), and multiple licensing levels, because why pay for what you don't need?
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Less Time on Programming, More Time on Your Study

Stay on Time and on Budget

  • Create your study yourself. 
  • Then put it on auto-pilot.

Iterate Freely

  • Make changes to your design, surveys, and intervention content as you need to.
  •  Leave behind being locked into a design or a limited number of surveys or notifications.

Focus on Data Analysis

  • Spend your time on research.
  • Forget the technology headaches.