Mobile EMA


ilumivu’s mobile ecological momentary assessment app – mEMA – enables researchers to collect real-time data from participants as they go about their daily life. It is used by researchers using Ecological Momentary Assessment, Experience Sampling methods and ambulatory assessment.

Our native Apple and Android apps allow participants to use their own phones increasing compliance and reducing burden. mEMA sends in-app push notifications so your study keeps running even when the phone is offline. mEMA also runs response time tests with millisecond precision collects data from in-phone sensors, and can integrate with wearables.

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Native Apps

Include more participants

native_apps2The mEMA behavioral data collection apps are available on both Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets. This covers about 96% of all Smartphone users in the US and 92% worldwide.

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Testing Anywhere

precision response timesstopwatch_icon

Want to integrate more than self-report data? The
ilumivu system allows for the integration of most psychometric tests into the mEMA apps. They can be presented as separate tests or embedded into a mobile survey.

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IRB Compliance

Your IRB will approve itsecure_data

mEMA data are secure, private and HIPAA compliant. The mEMA System data collection and storage proceeders have been approved by many US and European university and medical school IRBs due to these key design points:

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Works Offline

consistent alerts

offline_appsThe native Apple and Android apps, unlike SMS based systems, allow your participants to continue to receive alerts and answer surveys even when they are out of connection internet range.

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Context Aware

Passive Data

Where your participants complete their surveys is important. Context directly effects emotional and perceptual states. mEMA tells you exactly where each survey instance was completed and the local weather conditions at that time.

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Capture Photos

Big Picturephoto


A photo captured from a participant’s phone as they take your survey tells you much more then they ever could. Both apps can activate the native camera to support photo and video capture and seamlessly integrate images into your data file.

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Go Global

Any Language

globalThe mEMA apps allow you to use any language and any alphabet to communicate with your study participants. We currently support projects in the US, South America, Europe and Asia.


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Smarter Surveys

 more Responsivesmart_owl

You can make study participation easier for
your participants by creating smart surveys that are responsive to each individual. The mEMA System allows you to create smarter surveys in the following ways:


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Easy Authoring

online tools

online_editingOur online Survey Editor is easy to use so you can create your own surveys quickly and without having to contact the IT department. The mEMA Survey Editor lets you do whatever you need to get your survey running quickly.

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Do it once


Working with a large sample size? No problem. mEMA allows you to assign surveys and alert schedules to entire groups. No need for repetitious manual work.

Its Your Data

access data 24/724_access

You, and your authorized colleagues, can access all the data that have been submitted by your participants from any web-browser at any time. Download the entire dataset as a CSV file detailing the participant’s ID code, the timestamp of the survey and all their responses.

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