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"ilumivu is revolutionizing medical and mental health research and behavioral treatment"

Gregory Strauss, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia: Athens

Before we found the mEMA System, we were running studies with PDAs and had tried an open-source Experience Sampling platform. Data processing was really difficult, and we couldn't do any wearable integration, capture video, or even GPS coordinates.

We were so happy to have found the mEMA System! We haven't found anything else as comprehensive and as easy to use. It has made EMA research much easier for us and more accessible for our participants.


Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) or Experience Sampling has been used in psychology research since the 1940s emerging from a recognition of the inaccuracy of recall.

Our memories are systematically biased by emotional intensity, priming, ambient environment, and psychological state drawing into question the validity of retrospective autobiographical reports.

EMA offers a method for capturing time-varying subjective experiences close to when they happen reducing concerns of response biases and memory distortions.

Less Time on Programming, More Time on Your Study

Stay on Time and on Budget

  • Create your study yourself. 
  • Then put it on auto-pilot.

Iterate Freely

  • Make changes to your design, surveys, and intervention content as you need to.
  •  Leave behind being locked into a design or a limited number of surveys or notifications.

Focus on Data Analysis

  • Spend your time on research.
  • Forget the technology headaches.

Benefits of mEMA

Create your study with no programming experience.

There is no need to wait for us to build anything – it’s already built! After a one-hour online training session you will be able to create all your mobile surveys, set up notification schedules for each participant, and turn on or off sensor data streams.

Make your intervention “Just-in-Time."

The mEMA app can make decisions about which intervention content to present to which participant at which moment. Just tell us which data streams to use, define the decision logic and we will do all the rest. 

Focus on your research, knowing you are supported.

Our Customer Support team are here to help you by email or phone at any point in your study. If changes to the Apple or Android operating system impact your study in any way we will take care of it immediately. 

Ensure your data are secure and compliant.

We will help get your study through the IRB and the university tech audit and make sure everything is HIPPA and GDPR compliant.
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Key Features

Easy study design

Create your surveys and setup alter schedules for participants online quickly with no programming experience.

Location tracking

Capture GPS coordinates when participants take a survey or periodically through the day.

Context aware

Tap into the phone's sensors to get a big picture of your participants' day, including accelerometers, ambient light, and sound, local weather, app usage, etc.

Smart surveys

Make surveys responsive to your individual participants with skips logic, branching, and answer piping.

Easily customizable

Need another feature? Let us know, we can usually add them easily. Check out the full features list here.

Capture photos and videos

Use images and videos in your surveys and capture them from your participants in response to survey questions.

Take Your Research Study Mobile with mEMA


We have flexible licensing options based on the features you want and the timeframe for your study.
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Researcher's Guide to Wearables

mEMA combined with data from wearables devices can take your research to the next level.
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Full List of Features

Our mEMA product has more features than any other mobile EMA product on the market.
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