ilumivu’s mobile ecological momentary assessment app – mEMA – enables researchers to collect real-time data from participants as they go about their daily life and deliver just-in-time interventions. You can combine data from self-reports, phone sensors and wearable sensors to see the big picture of what’s happening for your participants and patients. 

It is used by researchers using Ecological Momentary Assessment, Experience Sampling methods, Ambulatory Assessment and Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions.

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ilumivu has been providing HIPAA compliant software services to universities and clinical organizations since 2009. Our systems are robust, secure and ready to support your study.

mEMA offers the widest range of EMA and Experience Sampling capabilities on the market. Our system grows with your research from basic self-report studies to those including internal phone sensors and physiological data.

Do you have questions about specific features? Would you like to talk to an expert about your project do discover if mEMA is a good fit for you? A Strategy Session will help you get started with mEMA. We will discuss the specific requirements of your project so together we can determine if mEMA is a good fit for you.

You are welcome to try the system free for two weeks before you commit to purchasing a license. The Strategy Session is the first step to setting up your free trial. Please complete the form >>>>

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