A list of all the mEMA features that we endeavor to keep updated. If you don’t see a feature you are interested in please contact us, in most cases we can add it quickly. 

Survey Design:
Web-based Survey Editor, access from any browser
Share editing rights with your other team members
Text box answers (native keyboard)
Radio button answers (single selection)Checkbox answers (scrolling pickers)
Likert-type scale answers
Provide instructions to participants
Image answers
Image questions
Add video/sound files
Visual sliders
Constrained numerical range (scrolling picker)
Constrained decimal range (scrolling picker)
Constrained time range (scrolling picker)
Constrained date range (scrolling picker)
Piping: populate response options from previous questions
English and Spanish surveys
Other languages
Complex skip logic
Question morphing
Copy, cut, paste questions and sections
Assign a value to each question
Assign a value to each answer
Group assignment
Question header on mobile app
Answer extraction and piping
Question randomization
Branding- color scheme in app
Branding- logo in app
Require responses from participants
Custom or automated survey scoring
Capture photos, video, and audio from phone
Run complex psychometric tests
Custom goal-setting for wearable integration

Data Collection:
Native iOS app
Native Android app
Each respondent has unique auto-generated ID
Send audio/visual alerts to phone or tablet
7 alert schedule types
Set survey availability window per individual participant
Subject initiated sampling
Single or repeated measures
Offline capabilities
Optional “Back” button in survey
HIPAA compliant (no PII)
Response time report
Geofencing: trigger surveys at specific locations
Capture GPS location for each survey instance
Capture periodically sampled location (GPS/WiFi)
Accelerometer data
In-phone sensor data
Ambient light sensing
Ambient sound sensing
Compliance dashboard
Auto-upload of completed surveys
Survey completion statistics
Wearable integrations

Real-time aggregated data sets
SPSS/SaaS integration
CSV download raw data
Custom report- time spent on each question

Email support during business hours
2 x 60 minute training sessions
User Manuals
End User Manuals (for your participants)