mEMA Features

Below is a list of all mEMA features. If you don't see a feature you are interested in, please contact us.  In most cases, we can add it quickly.

Survey Design

  • Web-based Survey Editor, access from any browser
  • Share editing rights with your other team members
  • Text box answers (native keyboard)
  • Radio button answers (single selection)
  • Checkbox answers (scrolling pickers)
  • Likert-type scale answers
  • Provide instructions to participants
  • Images as answers
  • Images as questions
  • Add video/sound files
  • Visual sliders
  • Constrained numerical range (scrolling picker)
  • Constrained decimal range (scrolling picker)
  • Constrained time range (scrolling picker)
  • Constrained date range (scrolling picker)
  • Piping: populate response options from previous questions
  • English, Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Korean surveys; other languages as necessary
  • Branching
  • Complex skip logic
  • Question morphing
  • Copy, cut, paste questions and sections
  • Assign a value to each question
  • Assign a value to each answer
  • Group assignment
  • Question header on mobile app
  • Answer extraction and piping
  • Question randomization
  • Branding- color scheme in app
  • Branding- logo in app
  • Require responses from participants
  • Custom or automated survey scoring
  • Capture photos, video, and audio from phone
  • Run complex psychometric tests
  • Custom goal-setting for wearable integration

Survey Design

  • Smart logic and decision trees
  • Text based content
  • Video content
  • Audio content
  • Baseline scoring
  • Display content based on momentary change from baseline

Data Collection

  • Native iOS app
  • Native Android app
  • Each respondent has unique auto-generated ID
  • Send audio/visual alerts to phone or tablet
  • Five alert schedule types
  • Set survey availability window per individual participant
  • Subject initiated sampling
  • Single or repeated measures
  • Offline capabilities
  • Optional “Back” button in survey
  • HIPAA compliant (no PII)
  • Response time report
  • Geofencing: trigger surveys at specific locations
  • Capture GPS location for each survey instance
  • Capture periodically sampled location (GPS/WiFi)
  • Accelerometer data
  • In-phone sensor data
  • Ambient light sensing
  • Ambient sound sensing
  • Compliance dashboard
  • Auto-upload of completed surveys
  • Survey completion statistics

Wearables Integrations

Garmin VivioSmart4 and Vivioactive 4

Garmin SDK gives:
– Step count (cumulative)
– Calories burned (cumulative)
– Intensity minutes (cumulative)
– Floors climbed (cumulative)
– Heart rate (instantaneous)
– Inter-Beat-Interval 
– Stress (
instantaneous, Garmin’s algorithm)
– Accelerometer (instantaneous)
– Pulse Ox (instantaneous)
– Body Battery (instantaneous)
– Respiration 
– Battery % (i

Additional HRV metrics derived from IBI data


  • Real-time aggregated data sets
  • SPSS/SaaS integration
  • CSV download raw data
  • Custom report- time spent on each question


  • Email support during business hours
  • Two 60-minute training sessions
  • User Manuals
  • End-User Manuals (for your participants)