Academic researchers interested in Ecological Momentary Assessment and Just-in-Time Interventions:

Would you like to learn how to run your next grant funded EMA or EMI study on time and on budget without hiring a developer?

Integrative Health and Behavior Measurement Software

"ilumivu is revolutionizing medical and mental health research and behavioral treatment"

“Before we found the mEMA System we were running studies with PDAs and had tried an open source Experience Sampling platform. Data processing was really difficult and we couldn’t do any wearable integration, capture video or even GPS coordinates.

We are so happy to have found the mEMA System! We haven’t found anything else as comprehensive and as easy to use. It has made EMA research much easier for us and more accessible for our participants.”

Gregory Strauss, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia: Athens

Secure, flexible, mobile, web and wearable systems for academic researchers and providers of behavioral interventions.

Meaningful Use. Actionable Data.


Our mobile EMA (mEMA) apps are available on both Android and Apple so your clients and participants can engage from anywere

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Monitor individual client change and aggregate client data across clinicians to enhance interventions and clinician training.

Wearable Sensors

Collect physiological data alongside self-report data and trigger mobile surveys based on Heart Rate, GSR, motion and other biometrics.

Context-Aware Surveys

Collect bigger-picture information on context such as location, images and video, light and sound levels, barometric pressure, humidity and general weather conditions, and detect the presence of other people, all from the phone.