Ilumivu was founded in 2009 to help those struggling with mental and behavioral health issues.

We have a proven track record of delivering mobile and web applications integrated with third-party wearable sensors to enable connected health for behavioral health researchers and clinical care organizations.

Our mission is to empower users, clinicians, and researchers with actionable information. Kat and Mark started ilumivu to solve the data collection and reporting needs of families struggling with autism and they were searching for ways to more effectively measure outcomes and track the process of change in families. Traditional psychology methods don’t allow for frequent enough measurement to provide an understanding of the dynamics of change – throughout the day, a month, or a year of development.

Kat and Mark created an online, parent-centered platform for families of children with autism to track daily changes in symptoms, behaviors, and treatments. The platform allowed parents to share information with team members (teachers, nutritionists, therapists, etc.) and create dynamic charts and reports so they could see what treatments and therapies were correlated with which symptoms and behaviors. In 2011 the native apps on Apple and Android were built to seamlessly integrate with the online platforms. Through this process mEMA – the mobile EMA apps – were born.

ilumivu has grown into a Digital Therapeutics company enabling personalized patient care outcomes through proactive interventions using the psychology of behavior change.  The ivu platform combined with mEMA is a robust, patient­-centered, software platform designed to capture rich, multimodal behavioral data streams through user engagement.

We believe that commercially available digital therapeutics technologies are an untapped source of psychological and physical support, and are a powerful way to facilitate therapist–patient or doctor-patient relationships for improved clinical outcomes.  Our software facilitates a deeper understanding between patients and providers and empowers individuals to transform their lives towards more health and wellness via customized, precision healthcare solutions.

Today, the platform is used by over 70 prestigious organizations in over 100 clinical projects.