Health Plans and Government

Pre-diagnose Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, and Atrial Fibrillation

with a standard smartwatch using Cardiogram
Using scientifically proven algorithms, Cardiogram can accurately identify and pre-diagnose conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, atrial-fibrillation and sleep apnea using data captured from a standard smartwatch.  The benefits for Health Plans are:

Medicare Advantage Plans

Increase risk adjustment revenue
and reduce Total Cost of Care

Your care coordinators review data and contact members using integrated omni-channel engagement.  Quickly and efficiently get undiagnosed members the treatment they need to reduce (or prevent) long-term spend. This allows you to deliver risk adjustment accuracy, achieve total medical cost savings, and close gaps in care to meet your goals.

Additionally, member experience ratings will rise in weight to account for over 55% of the overall Star Ratings health plans receive by 2023, according to CMS. Cardiogram keeps members engaged by allowing them to take control of their own health and providing a platform for member communication.

Health Plans

Increase member engagement and move members
into care management plans earlier for
improved long-term outcomes

Support your care managers and providers with decision support data by sharing detailed reports that show symptoms and member data side-by-side, reducing faulty member self-reporting. Regularly engage members with customizable habits and reminders leading to increased plan satisfaction.

Medicaid MCOs

Decrease member management risk for better
outcomes and lower Total Cost of Care

Empower members to track metabolic/cardiovascular data and symptoms using standard smartwatches and the Cardiogram app focused on improving health. Reduce the cost per member by engaging earlier and reducing medical expenses and unnecessary ER visits though ongoing monitoring and management.