The ilumivu system is used by researchers in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. Most of our research clients are university based and grant-funded. They use our software to support psychology or behavioral health research studies.

The ilumivu system has been used in academic research projects focused on substance abuse, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, autism, well-being, mindfulness and meditation among others.

Many academic researchers use mEMA for capturing real-time data from study participants. for example, one EMA study measured smoking behavior by capturing self-reported smoking events alongside subjective pre-cursors to smoking and environmental cues captured from GPS and photo uploads.

Other research groups are using the ilumivu patient monitoring system to integrate data from various different stakeholders. For example, a university medical school group are are using the ilumivu system to capture data from parents, teachers and clinicians about children with autism. Data from all three perspectives are integrated into meaningful displays of progress for each group.

Market researchers often use mEMA to capture customer’s reactions to experiences as they happen, for instance, in restaurants, outside stores or during entertainments events.

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