The ilumivu System offers the widest range of ready-built Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions features on the market.

>>Start testing your intervention immediately; no need to wait for software development 

>>Eliminate the cost of custom software development

>>Refine your intervention iteratively at no additional cost until you know it works

>> Eliminate the cost of an in-house team to update mobile apps as Apple and Android operating systems change

>>More effectively monitor patient progress with very frequent data from patients, their phone and wearables

>>Eliminate the cost of study phones and patient burden by allowing them to use their own phone

It is robust.

We have been field testing it with hundreds of grant funded studies since 2009.

The Technology Already Exists

Just-in-time adaptive interventions provide patients with the right type and amount of support at the right time. They are highly individualized for each user and hold the potential to radically improve the efficacy while reducing the cost of behavioral healthcare.  

The technology already exists to monitor patients’ states throughout the day with in-phone and wearable sensors and to automatically present intervention content based on decision rules determined by the clinical team. However, the clinical research on the efficacy of using these technologies to deliver behavioral health and precision medicine interventions is lagging behind the availability of the technology. 

Part of the challenge researchers face is accessing software to allow them to test their interventions. Software development is costly and takes time. Intervention development requires the ability to test intervention content and decision rules quickly, view the results and refine the intervention. This rapid iterative process is necessary to develop new mobile interventions and translate evidence-based interventions that have been delivered in-person into mobile interventions.

Deliver Mobile JITAIs without the Technology Headache

The ilumivu System allows researchers to deliver a just-in-time intervention with very little set-up time. You can then test the intervention content and decision rules, refine them. You can then test again as many times as you need without waiting for additional software development and paying for each code change. 

How? There is no code change! We have already developed a self-service system that allows you to add your own questions, intervention content and define decision rules. 

Get started with the ilumivu System by scheduling a Strategy Session with an expert who can help you determine if it is a good fit for your upcoming study. 

Mobile Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions Features

Trigger Intervention Content when Users Tell You they Need it

Deliver momentary intervention content within a mobile survey triggered by a user’s response in that moment. 

Trigger Intervention Content when Users Change how they Typically Respond

The mEMA System tracks how each individual typically responds to a specific question. When it detects a change, that you define, it will automatically send your intervention content. 

Trigger Intervention Content from Physiological Data

Use Stress, HR, HRV, Steps, etc. to tell the mEMA System when to send your intervention content. 

Notify Clinical Staff of a High-Risk Response

Set the mEMA System to immediately send an email when it detects a high-risk response (which you define).

Who is this for?

Researchers developing new behavioral interventions and those testing the efficacy of mobile delivery of established interventions. It is also for companies looking to create a digital therapeutic without the high cost of software development. 

What are the advantages of using the mEMA System over other commercially available EMI/JITAI systems? 

There are no other commercially available systems! Other EMA systems don’t provide JITAI features. The only other option is to build your own system. 

What are the advantages of using the mEMA System over building our own system?

Cost and time. All the software development is done. You simply need to participate in a one hour online training session then start adding in your assessments and intervention content. There’s not need to spend $100,000s on development and wait 12-18 months for your developers to figure out how to make this all work. We did all that already!

Will you partner with us to make our intervention commercially available, not just support us through the research phase?

Maybe! It depends on the commercial potential we see in your intervention. Let’s talk more. 

How long have you been in business? 

Since 2009. We started with online platforms. We added the mobile apps in 2014 and wearables in 2016. We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else you will find out there. 

How was the mEMA System developed? 

Initially it was created as an online solution for parents of children with autism to keep track of symptom changes and all the treatments they are using. It quickly developed into a generic platform for a wide range of psychology, psychiatry, social work and public health research. 

What wearables does it integrate with?

Currently the JITAI features work with Garmin wearables. The Garmin SDK allows us to pull data in real-time from the devices which is what makes JITAI possible. We are open to integrating with other wearables that allow real-time data access.  

How do I know that will work for my intervention study? 

Give us a call so we can better understand your requirements and we can figure it out together.