The Technology Already Exists

Just-in-time adaptive interventions provide patients with the right type and amount of support at the right time. They are highly individualized for each user and hold the potential to radically improve the efficacy while reducing the cost of behavioral healthcare.  

The technology already exists to monitor patients’ states throughout the day with in-phone and wearable sensors and to automatically present intervention content based on decision rules determined by the clinical team. However, the clinical research on the efficacy of using these technologies to deliver behavioral health and precision medicine interventions is lagging behind the availability of the technology. 

Part of the challenge researchers face is accessing software to allow them to test their interventions. Software development is costly and takes time. Intervention development requires the ability to test intervention content and decision rules quickly, view the results and refine the intervention. This rapid iterative process is necessary to develop new mobile interventions and translate evidence-based interventions that have been delivered in-person into mobile interventions.

Deliver Mobile JITAIs without the Technology Headache

The ilumivu System allows researchers to deliver a just-in-time intervention with very little set-up time. You can then test the intervention content and decision rules, refine them. You can then test again as many times as you need without waiting for additional software development and paying for each code change. 

How? There is no code change! We have already developed a self-service system that allows you to add your own questions, intervention content and define decision rules. 

The ilumivu System offer the widest range of ready-built JITAI features on the market. It is robust. We have been field testing it with hundreds of grant funded studies since 2009.

Benefits of using the Ilumivu System for JITAI

  • Start testing your intervention right away, without waiting for software to be developed
  • Refine your intervention as you need to to test it’s efficacy
  • Capture frequent data from patients to monitor their progress
  • Capture self-report, in-phone sensor and wearable sensor data
  • Eliminate the cost of paying for software development
  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining a development team to keep the apps up to date on the rapidly changing Apple and Android platforms
  • Allow your patients to use their own Smartphone, eliminating the cost and patient burden of a study phone

The ilumivu System offers the widest range of ready-built JITAI features on the market and has been tested in the field with hundreds of grant funded studies since 2009. 

Get started with the ilumivu System by scheduling a Strategy Session with an expert who can help you determine if it is a good fit for your upcoming study.