Founded in 2009 ilumivu has a track record of providing highly flexible and powerful web and mobile software systems to behavioral health researchers and clinical care organizations.

The ilumivu System is a robust, patient¬≠-centered, software platform designed to capture rich, multimodal behavioral data streams through user engagement. Our mobile and web applications integrate with third-party sensors to facilitate connected health research. The ilumivu System can be customized to suit the needs of your organization or a specific project. Continue reading “Company”

Ecological Momentary Assessment

Ecological Momentary Assessment in Health Behavior Research

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) or Experience Sampling has been used in psychology research since the 1940s emerging from an recognition¬†of the accuracy limitations of recall. Our memories are systematically biased by emotional intensity, priming and psychological state drawing into question the validity of retrospective autobiographical reports. EMA offers a method for capturing time-varying subjective experiences close to when they happen reducing concerns of response biases and memory distortions. Continue reading “Ecological Momentary Assessment”

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Are you thinking about running an EMA study but are new to the methodology? There are a many resources out there. Our EMA Guide is designed to get you started. Download a free copy here.


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