Digital Method in Behavioral Health

Neuroscience Education Institute Podcast

What is an ecological momentary assessment? How are ecological momentary interventions powerful and helpful in a clinical research setting? Learn more about how digital technology, smart phone applications, electronic surveys, and wearable devices can help in both the clinical research and the clinical treatment arena. In this fascinating interview with Dr. Katherine Houghton, she answers your most pressing questions about applying digital technology to capture real-world/real-time data, and to help patients at the most critical times.

Katherine Houghton, Ph.D. is fascinated by the intersection of technology and psychology. She is actively engaged in designing and testing systems to facilitate positive behavior change in a variety of populations. She co-founded ilumivu in 2009 ( to provide software systems to researchers and clinicians to capture human data and deliver just-in-time interventions. 

Ilumivu’s first software service was for parents of children with autism to track symptom change and treatment use in an online HIPAA compliant, sharable platform. Since then ilumivu has provided web, mobile and wearable systems to researchers and clinicians working with a wide range of populations including substance abuse, suicide, anxiety, and depression. They are committed to finding innovative and effective ways to use everyday technology to improve the daily life experience of the millions of people who suffer from mental health issues.