Characterization and Agreement Between Application of Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment (mEMA) and Accelerometry in the Identification of Prevalence of Sedentary Behavior in Young Adults

Catiana Leila Possamai Romanzini’s study describes sedentary behavior (SB) in the physical, social, and environmental contexts and verify the agreement between mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment (mEMA) and accelerometry in the in the identification of SB in young adults. 

Over the course of seven days 123 young adults used concomitant mEMA and Actigraph wGT3xBT accelerometer. Data of 2,262 mEMA prompts and respective count values in each minute were included in the analysis. mEMA identified the presence of SB in 78.1% of prompts, while accelerometry identified 70.9%.

The study demonstrates the viability of mEMA use to obtain information about the occurrence of SB in contextual factors and good sensitivity to identify the presence of SB in young adults. The combined use of these methods is suggested in future studies about SB in young adults.

Catiana Leila Possamai Romanzini

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, State University of Londrina Brazil