Integrative health and behavioral research and treatment simplified.

ilumivu provides mobile and web systems for ecological momentary assessment (mEMA), experience sampling and ambulatory assessment studies to empower you to collect data from and deliver interventions to people as they go about their daily lives.

The ilumivu system is used by researchers, clinicians and care agencies looking for an affordable system to measure behavior that will grow with their evolving needs.

Tired of re-inventing the wheel for each research or clinical outcomes tracking project?

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Integrative Health and Behavioral Research Software

ilumivu’s secure mobile and web systems can be customized for any psychology research or clinical outcomes project


EMA Apps

Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment (mEMA) and Experience Sampling apps for Android and Apple Smartphones and tablets.
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Telehealth and EMI

Web and mobile systems for delivering behavioral interventions behavioral research, training and coaching using your own content.
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CareTeam Support

Full service connected health solutions for patient monitoring to capture patient data and provide customized, meaningful data display.
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Capture real-life data. Create meaningful displays.



Widely available

Our mobile EMA (mEMA) apps are available on both Android and Apple Smartphones and tablets.

Works Offline

Native EMA and EMI apps allow your psychology research or clinical outcomes project to keep running even when the mobile device is offline.

Easily accessable

Your behavioral research and integrative health data are stored securely on our servers and accessible to you whenever you want.

Millisecond Timing

Collect response timestamps in milliseconds for inter-question response rate or stimuli response rate tests.