Frequent Measurement

Monitoring progress in behavior health required frequently repeated assessment. The traditional “snap shot” approach of periodic monitoring misses vital information about each individual’s process of change. Capturing repeated measures throughout the day provides a bigger picture of each patient’s behavioral health helping the individual and their support team identify more opportunities for just-in-time interventions and increased program compliance. As you monitor individuals’ progress you are also documenting the use of evidence-based methods in clinical training. The ilumivu System provides a simple way for research or clinical teams to set up short momentary assessments and longer periodic ones to be delivered to the patient’s own phone. The online assessment editing system provide flexibility in designing responsive, user-friendly mobile assessments and programming alert schedules.

All the data from each individual can be collected anonymously, no PII (Personally Identifying Information) is ever stored in the ilumivu System. The system cannot identify your patients but it does distinguish them so you can keep track of each individual’s responses and view their changes over time. For clinical training programs these data can be viewed by student and student groups to help enhance training.