ManAge and edit your own system

The ilumivu System allows you to manage your specific ilumivu site once it is set-up. Your staff will be able to invite users, create and assign assessment, generate charts and reports and add content to your site. This allows you to make many changes rapidly and at no additional cost.

The Groupware that is part of the ilumivu core architecture allows you to organize your users into numerous groups and user levels. This allows you to give different permissions within the site to each user level and to provide different assessments or reports to each group.

The Survey Editor is a powerful online tool to help you build surveys and assessments that can be deployed to mobile devices or presented on the web. You can build responsive surveys and just-in-time intervention messages for entire groups or individual users.

The Article Editor allows you to quickly generate web pages of content for your site. You control who sees these, whether they are publicly available, or seen only by specific users in your private site. Articles can include multi-media content and can be organized into online courses.