Integrate Data streams

A complete assessment of patient behavioral health requires more than self-report. The ilumivu System allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple data streams including clinician or family member report, psychometric or response time tests and sensor data. The ilumivu System also allows you to aggregate all these data streams across groups so you can perform analysis at the individual or group level.

To capture a more complete view of what is happening for any individual patient it is often useful to ask family members, parents, teachers (in the case of children) and clinicians for their view on the patient’s progress. The ilumivu System allows you to create assessments for key people in an individual’s support team and assign them to each team member as required. The data are then integrated into the patient’s record along with the role and code name of the respondent.

Psychometric and response time tests offer insight not gained though self-report. The ilumivu System can include most test in mobile or online assessments and capture response times to millisecond precision.

A third possible data stream comes from sensors – those that are already in most Smartphones, wearable sensors or those placed in the home or workplace. The ilumivu System mobile apps are already instrumented to collect location, acceleration and screen status (lock/unlocked, dim/bright). Our in-home sensor hub allows the capture of data showing location in home, motion in home, and interaction with various objects in the home (e.g. doors, medication boxes, etc.).