Patient Monitoring

For Integrative Health Providers ilumivu provides a complete solution to monitoring clients’ behavioral health in and out of therapy sessions. For Clinical Training Programs ilumivu captures multiple data streams that can be displayed in meaningful ways designed to enhance student monitoring and clinical outcomes.

Clients complete assessments from mobile devices or a computer. Progress over time can be fed back to the clients and optionally displayed to family members, clinicians and administrators. Notifications can be set so family members or clinicians know when a clients needs extra support and data aggregated across groups for quick analysis.

Progress Tracking

Frequent Measurement

Monitoring progress in behavior health required frequently repeated assessment. The traditional “snap shot” approach of periodic monitoring misses vital information about each individual’s process of change. Capturing repeated measures throughout the day provides a bigger picture of each patient’s behavioral health helping the individual and their support team identify more opportunities for just-in-time interventions and increased program compliance. Continue reading “Progress Tracking”

Aggregate Data

Integrate Data streams

A complete assessment of patient behavioral health requires more than self-report. The ilumivu System allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple data streams including clinician or family member report, psychometric or response time tests and sensor data. The ilumivu System also allows you to aggregate all these data streams across groups so you can perform analysis at the individual or group level. Continue reading “Aggregate Data”

Actionable Data

meaningful data display

Capturing data from clients is less than half the story. In order to make use of these data they must be displayed in a manner meaningful to each user. What is meaningful to the client is likely to be different to that which is meaningful to the program administrators. ilumivu specializes in combining multiple streams of frequently repeated data into displays that facilitate behavior change.  Continue reading “Actionable Data”

You are in control

ManAge and edit your own system

The ilumivu System allows you to manage your specific ilumivu site once it is set-up. Your staff will be able to invite users, create and assign assessment, generate charts and reports and add content to your site. This allows you to make many changes rapidly and at no additional cost.
Continue reading “You are in control”