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You can make study participation easier for
your participants by creating smart surveys that are responsive to each individual. The mEMA System allows you to create smarter surveys in the following ways:


  • Skip Logic: You can easily tell the system to skip questions that are not relevant to that participant at that time. For example, if you want to know about smoking behavior and ask, “Did you smoke a cigarette today?” you want the follow up question “How many did you smoke today?” to only be presented if they select “Yes” to the first question (the trigger question). The mEMA System allows you to do this for any question in your survey. Additionally, any question can be dependent on multiple trigger questions and you can use both AND and/or OR operators to create complex skip patterns.
  • Branching: If you have series of questions that are dependent on a specific trigger response the mEMA System allows you to quickly program the branching. You can put all the questions in one Section and then make that Section dependent on the trigger response so you only have to type in the logic once. You can have as many layers of branching within a survey as you wish.
  • Answer Piping: This mEMA feature allows you to take the text of a previously selected response and pull it forward into the text of a subsequent question. For example, if you ask, “Which of these fruits do you prefer? Apples, Oranges, Bananas” and the participant selects “Oranges” then you could have a follow-up question that asks, “Why do you like Oranges?”
  • Item randomization: allows you to tell the mEMA System to randomly select a sub-set of items to present at each new survey instance. So if you have 10-item scale for example but don’t want to present all 10 items each time the participant completes the survey then you can select any number to be presented at each survey instance. If you select 3 of 10 then the mEMA System will randomly select 3 of the 10 items for each survey presentation.
  • Question/Message assignment: If you have specific questions or messages you want to appear within the flow of your survey but only appear to specific individuals then this feature will help you out. Any item (questions/message) in a survey can be assigned to one or more specific individuals in your participants group. Thus, the assigned question/message will only appear for those people and not for others in the group.