online tools

online_editingOur online Survey Editor is easy to use so you can create your own surveys quickly and without having to contact the IT department. The mEMA Survey Editor lets you do whatever you need to get your survey running quickly.

  • Skipping and Branching: Make questions, or entire sections of questions, dependent on trigger answers to previous answers. This allows you, for example, to present follow-up questions only to respondents to whom these are relevant. Additionally, you can present messages to respondent at time they choose a trigger answer but not at other times.
  • Piping: mEMA allows you to take a respondent’s answer to a previous question and use it to: populate the text of a subsequent question; draw a comparison between two previous answers or; constrain the range of allowable answers in a subsequent question.
  • Constrain Answer Types and Ranges: to improve data accuracy. Select question types that require a specific type of answer (e.g. a time, date or an integer) and that the answer must be within a range you specify (e.g. a time between now and 24 hours ago or a date between today and 7 days from now, etc.)
  • Randomize Question Presentation: within scales so that participants are presented with a randomly chosen sub-set of items at each survey instance.
  • The Mobile Simulator allows you to preview how your questions will look on the apps through your web browser to make survey editing easy.

The Scheduler allows you to set up alert schedules for your participants on either an individual or group basis so you can:

  • Send automated audio/visual alerts at specific times or at random times within a specified interval
  • Determine the amount of time the participant has to complete each survey (to make sure it’s truly “momentary”)
  • Allow participant initiated sampling