We are currently looking for researchers to BETA Test our new app that uses physiological measures from the Microsoft Band to trigger EMA surveys.


If you are interested in adding physiological data (e.g. activity, HR, HRV, GSR) into your EMA Study please contact us about the current Microsoft Band beta testing.

The current mEMA Apple and Android apps provide you with the option to passively collect data from the phone or tablet’s internal sensors allowing you to capture a wider view of your participants’ responses, including:

  • Geographical location from GPS coordinates taken each time the participant completes a survey. We are currently adding the ability to take periodic GPS samples in the background and trigger surveys based on proximity to specified locations.
  • Accelerometer data – either raw, 3-axis accelerometer data or a rolled-up “significant movement” measure
  • Screen on/off time
  • Screen locked / unlocked time
  • Proximity (phones only), i.e. if the phone is being held close to another object.
  • Light level
  • Sound level
  • Voice detection
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Humidity
  • SMS and Call logs

Read more about Sensor Integration