Passive Data

Where your participants complete their surveys is important. Context directly effects emotional and perceptual states. mEMA tells you exactly where each survey instance was completed and the local weather conditions at that time.

Both the Android and the Apple mEMA apps:

Location data
  • Collect GPS coordinates from each time a survey is started.
  • Allow you to collect GPS coordinates periodically on a schedule you choose (e.g. every 30 minutes)
  • Allow for geofencing, that is, you can set the apps to alerts users to take a survey when they enter or exit a defined geolocation.
  • Collect the source of the location data and it’s accuracy (more details >>)
Weather Data
  • Provide the following weather information at the time and place each survey is taken: temperature, dew point, heat index, humidity, pressure, visibility, wind direction, wind speed, gust speed, precipitation and conditions (e.g. cloudy, partly sunny, etc.)
  • Some newer Android phones also allow us to collect barometric pressure and humidity in the immediate environment surrounding the phone
  • Raw 3-axis acceleration data from the phone (more detials >>)
  • Average acceleration every 10 seconds
Ambient light
  • Raw ambient light value
  • That value as a percentage of the maximum possible on that device (more details >>)
Ambient Sound
  • Collect a range of metrics about ambient sound as collected by the phone’s microphone
  • Detect the presence of the human voice to determine whether other people were present at the time a survey was taken or at any other point in time (more details >> )
Phone usage data
  • Percentage of time the phone screen was locked
  • Screen brightness
  • Percentage of time the mEMA app was in the foreground
  • Which other apps were in the foreground and for how long (Android only)
  • Call log (time and duration of calls)
  • SMS log (time of sent and received SMS messages)