mEMA Advantage

Fully Customizable

The current ilumivu team built mEMA from scratch. We know every line of its code and can customize it to do almost anything you want. (We haven’t got it making espressos yet!). Far more than a one-size-fits-all platform mEMA has a lot of flexibility (and pricing to match). Any features we don’t currently have we can usually add for you very easily.

Here are some mEMA features you will not find on cookie-cutter EMA platforms:

  • Multimedia content presentation. You can use mEMA to show videos, images, or audio files to your participants. Our clients use this to capture response times to the content, trigger emotional responses in participants wearing physiological sensors, or deliver interventions.
  • Multimedia capture: mEMA lets your participants upload images, video, and audio files.
  • Millisecond timing: We can provide response timestamps to the millisecond so you can use mEMA for running mobile response time tests.
  • Integrate sensor data: We can capture various metrics directly from the phone (e.g. acceleration, GPS, light, sound, whether the screen is locked/unlocked, etc.). Similarly, mEMA can integrate with third-party wearable sensors to capture heart rate, activity, galvanic skin response (see our Researcher’s Guide to Wearables).
  • Sensor data raw or processed: We can provide you with sensor data either raw or processed in some way. For example, we can process audio content to detect the presence of the human voice, simply provide a decibel level or we can process raw accelerometer data to highlight times of significant motion.
  • Tailored user experience: We can customize the look and feel of the app for your project and as standard your users will only ever see the surveys you have assigned to them, there is never any need for them to scroll through other surveys as is the case in other systems.
  • Compliance dashboard: Quickly shows you which of your participants are responding (and not responding) to the alerts so you can take action before the data collection period is over.
  • Pricing: Our pricing is structured so you only pay for what you use.