Ambulatory Assessment

The method of Ecological Momentary Assessment prompts patients to report on their experience often multiple times a day. This provides a rich dataset of self-report data enabling clinicians to gain a deeper understanding of each individual, their fluctuations over time, and which life situations or environments impact their health and wellbeing. Mobile apps such as mEMA allow clinicians and researchers to easily capture these self-report data.

But what about all the factors influencing our patients that they may not even be aware of? Such as how much they are sleeping, exercising, drinking, smoking or times when they are feeling stressed and may not yet be aware of it. All these things affect us in ways we don’t fully understand — yet.

Integrating ambulatory assessment with ecological momentary assessment gives us all the opportunity to understand human behavior at a deeper level and importantly – to be able to intervene at the crucial moments to support greater health and wellbeing.

Would you like to know what’s really going on for your study participants or patients?

mEMA Integration with Garmin's Wearables

Ilumivu has integrated Garmin’s wearables into the mEMA platform to enable clinicians and researchers to monitor physiological data alongside self-report.

The integration supports:

  • Real-time data streaming via Bluetooth to the phone from the wearable device
  • The ability to access and download timestamped datasets that combine EMA and physiological data.
  • Real-time display of Garmin physiological data to users in the mEMA app.
  • The ability to trigger mobile surveys and messages based on data from the wearable
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Garmin Vivio WearableGarmin Vivoactive 4

Which Physiological Data Can We Capture?

Garmin provides two ways for us to capture data from their wearable devices. One is through their API, this gives us daily summary data that we pull directly from their servers into the ilumivu servers to combine with incoming EMA data. The second is an SDK (Software Development Kit) that gives us real-time data directly from the wearable to the mEMA app on the phone. 

API Data Available: Summary

SDK Data Available: Real Time

  • Sleep
  • Steps
  • Calories
  • Heart Rate
  • Stress
  • Body Composition
  • Pulse Ox
  • Intensity Minutes
  • Activity Details
  • Body Battery
  • Heart rate
  • Inter-beat-interval (from which we calculate HRV)
  • Stress (algorithm from FirstBeat)
  • Pulse Ox
  • Current scores for: Floors Climbed, Steps, Calories burned and intensity minutes

Which Garmin Devices?

You can use: vívosmart 3, vívosmart 4, vívoactive 3, vivoactive 4, vívomove HR, vívosport, venue sq, fënix 5 series

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Researcher's Guide to Wearables

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