Real-Time Physiological Triggered Intervention

Identifying JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT when someone needs support, a nudge in a new direction, to know they are being held is critical. We need therapeutic intervention when we NEED it, not on a predetermined scheduled or when our therapist happens to be available. 

Digital Methods in Behavioral Research

Neuroscience Education Institute

What is an ecological momentary assessment? How are ecological momentary interventions powerful and helpful in a clinical research setting? Learn more about how digital technology, smart phone applications, electronic surveys, and wearable devices can help in both the clinical research and the clinical treatment arena. In this fascinating interview with Dr. Katherine Houghton, she answers your most pressing questions about applying digital technology to capture real-world/real-time data, and to help patients at the most critical times.

New Technology Boosts the Use of Heart Rate Variability Biomarker in Medicine

Discover some of the ways ambulatory HRV is being used in psychology and behavioral health research as an objective measure of emotional  health and wellbeing. 

How to Run a Successful EMA or EMI Study Without Hiring a Developer

Thinking about hiring a developer and building your own EMA app? Watch this before you do! You will save significant time, money and headaches by using the mEMA System which has been in continuous production since 2009. 

Innovations in Technology and Mechanisms of Change in Behavioral Interventions

Innovations in technology are changing the way we deliver behavioral interventions…which brings it own set of challenges. 

Mindfulness Mode Podcast: Wearable Systems for Countering Anxiety and Depression

Ilumivu co-founder Kat Houghton in conversation with Bruce Langford about wearables tech, mindfulness and mental health. 

Digital Phenotyping with Smartphone Apps

Digital phenotyping uses both passive and active data sources to characterize an individual’s behavior and track changes. 

Merging Digital Technology with Mental Health

Ilumivu co-founder Kat Houghton in conversation with Andrian Sinclair about the intersection of digital technology and our mental health. 

Ambulatory Assessment of Heart Rate with Garmin Devices

A deeper dive into the HR data the mEMA platform is able to get from the Garmin wearables and and overview of the research published so far on Garmin HR data accuracy

Just-in-Time Interventions Encourage Healthy Behavior

Learn about some pioneering mobile treatment programs that aim to intervene at just the right moment and the type of software you need to deliver these just-in-time adaptive interventions.

Cognitive Testing and Mobile Technology

In lab cognitive testing is often impracticle, yields infrequent data points is doesn’t provide ecologically valid results.  The mEMA System allows you to deliver millisecond precision cognitive test though your participants Smartphone. 

Set Up your mEMA Study - No Programming Required

A quick look at how to set up key elements of your mobile EMA study with the mEMA platform. 

Psychology in the Wild

A guide to Ecological Momentary Assessment for psychologists and behavioral health researchers new to the methodology. 

Data File Formatting in the mEMA System

The end product of your EMA data collection is the data sheet – it’s got to be useful! 
The mEMA System makes it easy for you to set up the data file as you need it through the Survey Editor.

In this video our Co-Founder, Kat Houghton PhD, show you the data file and how it relates to what you do in the Survey Editor. 

Setting Physiological Goals with Garmin in mEMA

Discover how to set up goals for your participants based on their individual Garmin data then feedback their progress to them through the mEMA app

Apps for Substance Abuse Research

Substance abuse research and treatment is a major research area for us as more clinicians are turning to mobile apps to help capture data and deliver intervention content at just the right time.

Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions in the mEMA System

A quick description of how the mMEA System combines three data streams – self-report, passive phone and wearable physiological data – to feed into your decision tree to deliver the right message to the right person and the right time. 

Researcher's Guide to Wearables: Activity

An overview of the challenges faced by researchers wanting to collect high quality ambulatory activity data and some solutions. 

Customer Support for mMEA

The mEMA System is self-service – you can set up your own surveys and notification schedules. But you are not alone! Our Customer Support team is here to help with whatever you need. 

The Use of HRV in mobile EMA Studies

An overview of the HRV biomarker, why it’s useful and how it is used in EMA studies. 

Data Identifiers in mEMA

This short video explains how we identify participants and their data in the mEMA System without using any Personally Identifying Information (PII).

An Introduction to the mEMA System

The mEMA System has been in production since 2009. It’s been gathering data and delivering behavioral interventions across four continents. 

Researcher's Guide to Wearables: Heart Rate and HRV

Some of the challenges faced by researchers looking to collect ambulatory HR and HRV as part of an EMA/ EMI study and some solutions. 

Introduction to ilumivu

A little about what we do