Organizations on three continents use the ilumivu system to manage various types of treatment or monitoring programs. The ilumivu system allows organizations a great degree of flexibility over their ilumivu system.

Agency administrators access tools to add and edit their own content to create dynamic websites that respond to the needs of their clients.

We are currently developing a health coaching platform for a consortium of universities and health coaching agencies focused on elderly care. The health coaching platform enables health coaching to monitor patient’s in their homes and assign them weekly tasks designed to maintain or improve physical and cognitive health. Meanwhile the academic researchers are capturing a rich and varied real-world dataset to help them design treatment programs, just-in-time interventions and better assessments for detecting cognitive decline.

The ilumivu system is being used in Poland to offer training and support to families of children with autism. Their customized site (all in Polish) provides online training, contact management and communications alongside an innovative, automated child assessment that helps parents determine the next developmental goals to focus on with their child.

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