Urgent Care for our First Responders in COVID-19

Our nation’s First Responders are on the frontlines. It takes a toll on their mental health.

In the last few weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the country the impact of being on the frontlines for our EMTs, Police Officers, ER doctors and nurses and hospital staff, is greatly amplified. 

Massively increased workloads, longer shifts, lack of safety supplies, heightened fear and uncertainty all lead to more stress and “BrainBurn” for those who have bravely taken on the task of caring for our health. 

Mental health support for First Responders is already sorely lacking. 

  • First Responders are 5 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. 
  • Substance abuse rates are more than double those in the general population. 
  • Research indicates that alcohol abuse and PTSD leads to a tenfold increase in risk or suicide
  • 95% of First Responders are suffering from trauma related symptoms 

Those were the fact before we were swept up in a global health crisis. 

We don’t yet have scientific data on the impacts of this on our First Responders but we do know what we’ve seen on the news:

  • Nurses crying after a shift,
  • Exhausted Doctors breaking down in the supply room,
  • EMTs weeping openly as they stack bodies and turn to retrieve more dead and dying;
  • Police not able to return home between shifts for fear of infecting their families. 
  • More and more dangerous domestic violence calls for Police to deal with

For them, this is living hell…

We need to support the mental wellness of our First Responders as a matter of the utmost urgency 

We have all felt shock, fear, anxiety, grief and stress in response to the virus and to our rapid and profoundly changed daily lives.

Our First Responders are taking on the brunt of the wave of fear and panic washing over our planet. 

We need to offer them our support and let them know while they are out there fighting for our health we are here lifting them up with deepest gratitude for their service.

MindShield™ is a training in emotional resiliency developed at the University of Utah to reduce the impacts of stress and trauma for First Responders. 

MindShield™ helps you:

  • Master your stress response
  • Identify when stress is building up and know how to turn it off
  • Learn how to communicate effectively for smoother relationships
  • Know how to get back to Big Picture when you’re in the weeds
  • Sense the impact of stress on your body and learn how to release it

MindShield™ has been delivered via in-person training by True North Behavioral Health in Utah. They are currently wrapping up an online version of the training. True North Behavioral Health have recently partnered with ilumivu to make the training mobile – MindShield™ Mobile – so that:

  • First Responders can access it whenever they need it
  • The app and associated Garmin wearable device will know when a First Responders needs support and proactively reach out to them
  • We can reach many more First Responders and at a much lower cost

The MindShield™ Mobile system includes:

  • Garmin Smartwatch or chest-strap wearable device (Garmin is providing deeply discounted devices)
  • Smartphone – already owned by the First Responder, and
  • A cloud-based clinical support content delivery system designed by the University of Utah and delivered by ilumivu – a company that has supported mobile mental and behavioral health research around the world for more than a decade. 

The ilumivu-True North Behavioral Health partnership was formed to get MindShield™ Mobile on to the phones and wrists of First Responders around the world at NO COST TO THEM as soon as we can. 

In order to do that we need your support. 
Please make a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign