Experience sampling is another term often used interchangeably with Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). Experience Sampling Methods (ESM) ask participants to stop at various points throughout their day and report on their experiences, thoughts and feelings. The objective is to capture the participant’s current experience rather than asking them about a previous event.

Participant alerts are often randomized throughout the day so that they are not anticipated by the user. Alert typically may be time-contingent (e.g. send at specific intervals within a defined daily period) or user-initiated (i.e. the user decides when the make a report).

Experience Sampling App

mEMA by ilumivu (an Experience Sampling Method app) allows for event-contingent triggering. That is, mobile surveys can be triggered by external events such as exiting or entering a certain location (as defined by GPS coordinates) or reaching a certain level of physical activity, Galvanic Skin Response or Heart Rate Variability (measured though wearable sensors). Read more…