Games for Health

The mEMA apps are being expanded to bring cognitive games into the hands of those working to stay young. The cognitive games have been designed by researchers to help older people maintain their cognitive functions and to monitor any signs of cognitive decline over time. The apps record response times, finger movements across the screen, tremor and other metrics as the clients “play”.

The Games for Health apps are part of a wider Health Coaching Platform being built by ilumivu. The platform helps Health Coaches support their clients so they can continue to live in their homes. The Health Coaching Platform combines:

  • In-home sensors to monitor clients activities and health behaviors
  • Mobile apps for client self-report, connected games and family member engagement
  • Online coaching modules coaches use to help clients stay healthy
  • Online data display for coaches to track each of their clients’ progress in real-time
  • A researcher interface for data mining and analysis

The mobile apps sync with the Health Coaching platform in a similar manner that the mEMA apps sync to the mEMA platform so that when a coach assigns a new game, or adjusts the parameters of a current game, the changes appear on the mobile app with the touch of a button. Similarly play data and other data streams collected from the mobile device (e.g. accelerometer, GPS) are sent wirelessly back to the central platform where they are processed and displayed to the coach or accessed raw by the research team.